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Posted on Jun 12, 2017 | 0 comments



What is PLR Content, and Should I Use It?

There’s a lot of PLR content out there, but let’s be frank—much of it just sucks. It’s outdated, poorly produced, and it could potentially damage your brand if you try to give it away or sell it.

If you do business on the internet via a website or blog, you probably already understand the importance of quality written content.  Quality articles, blog posts, email courses or downloadable e-books, can make or break your business by attracting traffic – and keeping them coming back .

How do you get quality content?

You could write it yourself, but what if:

confused man

  • your writing skills suck?
  • you don’t have time?
  • your too broke to hire a ghostwriter?


PLR content offers a solution.  “PLR” stands for Private Label Rights.  This is a license which grants you the right to use content written by someone else as if it were your own.  Usually this includes:

  • The right to modify or re-write the material any way you like.
  • The right to insert your own name as the author.
  • The right to sell or give away the material to others.

This creates an opportunity for internet business owners because they get have access to quality content at low prices.

Why is PLR content affordable?

If you’ve ever looked into hiring a writer, you probably discovered that they don’t work cheap.  They want to get paid for the time and expertise they devote to your project.

Private label content is more affordable because the same material is sold to numerous buyers!

Balancing Unique Content With Affordability

If unique content is very important to you, you may hesitate to purchase the same material that other webmasters are also purchasing.  Wait, don’t write off PLR content yet!

There are many ways to make creative use of PLR content and make it more unique.  Here are some ideas:

  • Re-write portions of it and insert your own thoughts and personal insights.
  • Cut it up and use portions to create an autoresponder e-course.
  • Bundle it with other articles to create an entirely new product.
  • Rearrange or re-write portions and make a free report for your subscribers.
  • Use PLR content to promote your own products or affiliate products.
  • Use PLR articles as “filler” material for your blog or newsletter.
  • Hire a writer to slightly modify the material (this may be less expensive than writing from scratch).

Monetize Your Website or Blog

One profitable way to use PLR content is to purchase a PLR e-book, modify it to suit your own tastes and website, add your own links and perhaps add a report or a few articles as a bonus, and you’ve got a product to promote to visitors and subscribers.  You can add a link to it in your “signature” when you submit articles to directories and mention it in your blog posts.

Why be limited to only ONE product!  Create 10, or even 20, products on your website, all earning you money every time someone visits your website or blog.

PLR content offers a fast and simple way to have your own information product to sell. It is THE way to earn money online.

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